The Clinic

The La Colobe Aesthetic Clinic was conceptionalized in August 2007 when the unique combination of passion, experience, knowledge and opportunity mteriaized.

The owner, Tess Venner has been in the industry since 1983. A qualified sumatologist - that strives to keep up to date with the latest technology and equipment.

Rejuvinaton of mind, body (especialy skin) and soul, is the altemate aim of the La Colombe team.

The name encumbers the ethos of the clinic, namely creating positive beauty in a peacful, serene environment for a longterm-personolized relationship.

La Colombe offers state-of-the-art, non-surgical, medical aesthetic procedures, comprising Botox, fillers, lip enhancement, mesotherapy, chemical peels, dermatology and laser treatment.  La Colombe also offers Reshape, a tailored, medical supported weight management programme.  La Colombe's services are suitable for men and women of all ages and address much more than skin rejuvenitation.  
For intance, the clinic achieves outstanding results in the treatment of acne, hyper pigmentation or excessive perspiration, giving large relief to those who suffer from these afflictions.
The clinic also meets the growing demand for anti-angeing treatment, for example;  many of La Colombe's clients choose to have Botox and filler treaments from a young age to prevent wrinkles.

The market appeal of La Colombe lies in its holistic and personal approach.  The mission of the clinic is to enhance and fulfil the natural potential of each client to achieve a soft, fresh, more youthful result to mantian a long-term approach to enhancing natural beauty.

At La Colombe, clients are placed under the personal care of medical doctors. All treatmeants are preceded by a medial examination, a skin analysis and a diagnosis, and clients are then advised on a plan of treatment tailored to their individual needs.  Respecting patient privacy and maintaining professional discretion are vital to the ethos of La Colombe and clients can trust the integrity and loyalty of this team.

La Colombe understands the enormous psychological benefit of a positive self-image and seeks to contribute to the personal fulfilment of each of its clients.

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Professionally equipped clinic

We operate a fully equipped and functional skincare and health clinic 

Friendly & informed Staff

Our staff is educated in the latest practices in most skincare and health oriented medical standards

Tea garden & Restaurant

Kleine Constantia's Tea Garden is directly adjacent to our practice.